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Artificial lighting is not always healthy for the eyes, especially if people are indoors for many hours during the day and at night. Therefore, the task of the employer and building administrators is to create solutions that are safe for employees and at the same time efficient and cost-effective. These features come together in linear and system luminaires from LUG Light Factory. The manufacturer has many years of experience in creating products for workplaces, commercial, sport, art, and cultural facilities.

The offer includes many models in a minimalist, elegant style that fit perfectly into modern interiors. Thanks to the possibility of illumination control and regulation of lighting temperature, it is possible to adapt the lamps to the needs of users and the purpose of the room. Models from the collection can be mounted directly on the surface or suspended using wires. The manufacturer also gives customers the opportunity to introduce additional functions and installation methods upon special request.


LUG Light Factory SP. z o.o. • Linear and system luminaires


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